Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SUmmertime and Soccer

Where the EFF did summer go??? I had some major fun: Went camping a few times, Took a zions backpacking trip, BBQ'd a ton,went to lagoon and of course chilled with the fam.

Also My griggsy started soccer this last saturday. Talk about hilarious!! There was lots of tackling, sitting, and roaming but I enjoyed every bit of it!! I anxiously wait for saturday afternoons. If he takes after his Dad at all he will be a natural!! I get to bring my first soccer mom treat this week!! Of course i googled what i should bring.......
So sad summer is over--- On to Fall!! i am making it a goal to keep his sucker up-- I am kind of excited to wear my boots and some tights. Feel some crisp air and some Halloween fun~ I hope winter doesn't get here too fast though...ughh i hate winter!!


I don't even know where to begin! I have been slacking majorly on my blog. LIfe has been insane :) GOOD insane but insane. SInce my last post we have gone to hawaii, moved to a new house, done tons of remodeling, went on summer trips ,had Family visits, worked of course, and tried to keep up with My G!! I am not complaining one bit. Life is good and i am really proud of what Beau and i have accomplished for ourselves in the last couple years!! We kind of did things backwards: First the baby, then the marriage, now the house!! What can i say I like to keep my family on their toes!! One thing is for sure I feel like now more than anything our family is stronger than ever. Beau and i have been through everything together and i just feel really grateful that we have that we have blossomed through it all. Lately i see people just taking marriage so lightly and it really bugs me. My son needs to know that marriage is worth the fight and worth the work!! Its not all peaches and roses but it is my family and i wouldn't trade us for anything!! WORD----ANYWAYS Back to our new house woohoo.. new old house actually but its ours!! We looked for seriously 6 months and we just knew this house was ours. I have been enjoying the decorating/remodeling the most and having my first garden. We planted tons of veggies and you should see our pumpkins they are huge! Griggsy has tons of kids friends in the neighborhood with and lots of outdoor space to play. Here are a few RANDOM pics from the last couple months :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twenty Nine

My Beau turned 29 on March 18th and you know what that means, im next!! I thought since it was our last year in our twenties i should put a little shin dig together for my babe. It is the day after St. Patty's day so usually we always just went out then, but now with a litle man in the house its not so easy to do that. So Friday night i got a group together and went to Rickenbackers, yum. I love that place. We had a really great dinner than a few of us went out after for a few cocktails. I didn't bring my camera??? But i did steal some from a friend :) It was way fun and a great way to spend his bday. I decided to get Beau this golf club he has been eyeing/talking about for some time, too bad he hasn't got to use it yet!! Every year i get him an ice cream cake (The rolled kind) His favorite and usually he eats the whole thing himself, this year G gave him some help :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Back in the day

This is me as a babe, obviously it was the 80's! I'm thinken i was 3 ish?? Who knowb but ya gotta love my bed hair and sweat band :) I still love me some tomato soup too :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skate Party

SOme of our good friends daughter Kirra invited G to one of his first real birthday parties. IT was at classic skating, so naturally Beau was stoked to show off his moves. Me not so much :) So glad Beau likes to do that stuff, Griggs had a blast skating around with his dad and the kiddos. Brings me back to the days when that was way cool when i was a kid. Hand slapping and everything. Way fun day and cute pics!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well i have been a slacker, but i wanted to do a post about my baby boy. Well i can't really call him a baby he is 3 years old!! We had an awesome party for him the weekend before his real bday with the fam. He was sooo excited to have everyone there for his party. I wish i had a camera on him when he walked upstairs and seen all his cool bday decorations!! Griggsy is obsessed with the show WOW WOW WUBBZY, we seriously watch it everyday. So i took on the task to make him a wubbzy cake. I was so stressed but it came out cute and he loved it so thats all that matters right?? ON his actual BDay i took off the day along with my sis who shares the same march 2nd bday. We spent the day Playing at the gateway, getting some yummy CPK, and making a trip to Build A Bear. My mom gave g some money also so we took him to TOYS-R-US also and let him wander and pick out a gift. He had a blast and i loved spending the day with my two favorite peeps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONKEY!! You are my life and i love you to the moon... and back!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So im totally catching up on posts.. idk i just haven't been in the mood lately!! But i wanted to show my awesome new eyelashes i got done.My friend Angie does them (Butterfly Kisses) I love them, but mostly love NO MASCARA!! My nemesis that and my stick straight eyelashes. Now i get to enjoy these long curly beauties :)

My Valentine

Beau was out of town working for Valentines day, we will have to make up for it this weekend. We are not huge celebrators of this holiday anyways(buy me a new shirt and im stoked!!) but i love making this day special for G. He woke up to a bag of goodies and a cute new Vday shirt. LOL- this is funny, i bought him a box of chocolates with kitties on the front and when he came acrossed it he was so confused. He asked me, "MOM, Why did you buy me cat food"? he kills me!! He is my special Valentine and oh so sweet. After work and school Aunt Steph came over (her hubby was also out) we made cupcakes and munched on some Papa Johns. Perfect way to spend the night. XOXO